Based on an OEM production system, DRB Fatec undercarriage system has won wide recognition from around the world for the quality of its entire undercarriage system modules for mini-excavators. The design team makes more stable and unique designs through an integrated system based on DRB Fatec's patent and its own outstanding designing technique. All this is greatly contributing to enhancing the customer's competitiveness, while succeeding in reducing equipment weight and production costs.
The team develops and produces an undercarriage system module for track loaders that are widely used around the world. The quality of rubber track is very important for track loaders. DRB Fatec's undercarriage system will perform best at worksites, as it is designed and produced based on DRB's world-recognized rubber track production system.
The undercarriage team has developed a multi-suspension system, for the first time in the world that makes each bridge of an undercarriage system for mini excavators able to move up and down and spin around freely. This multi-suspension system will make the operators become less tired and fatigued by reducing the overall vibration when driving or working, help the equipment stand stably on rugged ground, and extend the durability of components such as rubber tracks and rollers. As all these features reflect major problems that end users are facing, this system will turn out to be the best product in the market.