Laser system
DRB Fatec offers a laser system that works materials such as metals by applying laser cutting and welding applications to robots or gantries.
Laser and new fields have exclusive partnership with KUKA in Germany to supply laser related technology and advanced cutting and welding systems to domestic customers.
DRB Fatec owns a welding R&D center in Cheonan. We have laser and related machines, and we provide best cutting and welding conditions by calculating cutting and welding conditions when customer needs.

3D Laser Machine

3D laser cutting and welding cut and weld workpieces of two-dimension or three-dimensional objects.
The most typical 3D cutting process is a Hot Stamping Panel. It is impossible to work through existing press system and it is a field where its application is continuously expanding.
This machine is suitable for mass production and It is able to substitute for press mold in the future. DRB Fatec is an Exclusive Partner of KUKA Laser system in Germany, supplying products, technology and A/S to domestic and overseas Korean companies.