Laser system
DRB Fatec offers a laser system that works materials such as metals by applying laser cutting and welding applications to robots or gantries.
Laser and new fields have exclusive partnership with KUKA in Germany to supply laser related technology and advanced cutting and welding systems to domestic customers.
DRB Fatec owns a welding R&D center in Cheonan. We have laser and related machines, and we provide best cutting and welding conditions by calculating cutting and welding conditions when customer needs.

6 Axis Robot Laser Cutting & Welding System

It is a cutting and welding system by using the integrated laser system developed by DRB Fatec and industrial 6-axis robot, which can be applied to all related areas.
It is a system that is easy to apply to small-sized / multi-product production that do not need expensive 3D equipment. It is possible to automate through interface connection with other facilities, and it is a system that can build stand-alone and in-line facilities.

System Configuration

  • Dedicated head for small precision machining (XYZ 3 axis)
  • Integrated control of peripherals of laser system through dedicated controller
  • Automatic nozzle gap maintenance function for laser cutting
  • Database of laser processing conditions, monitoring function
  • G code generation using dedicated CAD / CAM, offline robot simulation