Laser system
DRB Fatec offers a laser system that works materials such as metals by applying laser cutting and welding applications to robots or gantries.
Laser and new fields have exclusive partnership with KUKA in Germany to supply laser related technology and advanced cutting and welding systems to domestic customers.
DRB Fatec owns a welding R&D center in Cheonan. We have laser and related machines, and we provide best cutting and welding conditions by calculating cutting and welding conditions when customer needs.

Friction Stir Welding

A method of solid - state bonding in which the material is welded by a resistant flow using frictional heat. Compare to arc welding, laser welding, electron beam welding and etc. FSW does not cause blowholes or cracks. This method has less deformation than conventional melting weld. The FSW method applied by DRB Fate has a partnership with KUKA in Germany. It can secure superior quality after welding by using 6-axis robot and stationary FSW head.


  • Automotive aluminum part joint
  • train
  • Aircraft production
  • Shipbuilding